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Help Your Clients Achieve Their Lifetime Income Goals with Annuities!

20-Minute EquiTrust Webinar to
Boost Your Annuity Sales with Clients Nearing Retirement

Featured Products:
• MarketTwelve Bonus Index Annuity – 12% Bonus
• DynaMARC Index Annuity – Multi-Asset Risk-Controlled Index
• Income For Life Rider – 6% Rollup for 10 Years
• Strategic Income Rider – Stacked rollup with 10% bonus
• Confidence Income Annuity – Among industry's top SPIA rates
• MarcSeven Income Rider – 7% bonus, 7% rollup for 7 years

Learn more about the flexible strategies available to produce lifetime income!


Thurs, Nov 30th
10:00 AM Central

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Income as the Outcome Webinar
Thursday, November 30th

Question & Answer session to follow
the presentation.

Questions? Send an email to EquiTrust Sales Support, call 866-598-3694,
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Products and Riders not available in all states. Product features may vary by state. EquiTrust Life Insurance Company, West Des Moines, IA. For Producer Use Only. IC17-ECN-1069