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Accumulator MarcSeven Index AnnuityTM
Income MarcSeven Index AnnuityTM

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For Accumulation

Accumulator MarcSeven Index Annuity
• Highly competitive flex-premium deferred annuity
• 107% guaranteed accumulation
• Nursing-home and terminal-illness riders
• 10% free withdrawals
• $10,000 minimum premium
• 0-85 applicant ages
• Multi-asset and stock indices
   1-Year Interest Account2.15%
   1-Year Pt-to-Pt Participation (multi-asset index)70.00%                  
   2-Year Pt-to-Pt Participation (multi-asset index)100.00%
   1-Year Pt-to-Pt Cap (stock index)4.00%
   1-Year Monthly Cap (stock index)1.60%

For Income
Income MarcSeven Index Annuity
• Same great features, plus...
• Income rider for guaranteed lifetime income
7% Benefit Base bonus, 7% rollup compounded for up to 7 years
• Chronic illness doubler
• Competitive income-withdrawal percentages
• 40-80 applicant ages
• Multi-asset and stock indices
   1-Year Interest Account1.75%
   1-Year Pt-to-Pt Participation (multi-asset index)55.00%                  
   2-Year Pt-to-Pt Participation (multi-asset index)80.00% 
   1-Year Pt-to-Pt Cap (stock index)3.00%
   1-Year Monthly Cap (stock index)1.25%
Approved in Most States!
Both products are approved in all states except New York and Oregon.

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