Improved Annuity Applications
Required July 1, 2017

We're pleased to announce improvements to the EquiTrust Annuity Application forms.

The new application forms (dated 12-16) apply to all states except California and Pennsylvania, and are available now on the EquiTrust website and on AppBuilder. In California and Pennsylvania, see State Variations below.

Transition Rules
The new 12-16 versions may be used now. The new and old versions will be accepted through June 30. Beginning July 1 the old versions will not be accepted. Replace printed application packets at your earliest convenience.

Improvements to the Application include:
• Addition of Mailing Address, in addition to Permanent Address
• Addition of Email Address

• Addition of Inherited IRA Plan Type
• Improved language in Beneficiary section

State Variations

Most States/GenericICC16-ANN-APP(12-16)
District of ColumbiaANN-APPDC(12-16)
New JerseyANN-APPG(12-16);
ICC16-ANN-APP(12-16) for DynaMARC Only
North DakotaANN-APP(12-16)
ICC16-ANN-APP(12-16) for DynaMARC Only
South DakotaANN-APP(12-16)

To build a new app packet which includes the new Application, click here.

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