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MarketValue Index
• 1% Commission Special!
• Rate Increase, All Accounts!
• NO-CAP Current Rate on
  2-Year Avg Cap Account!

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Fixed Annuities!

Certainty Select
Confidence Income

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MarketValue Index Annuity
1% Commission Special! Open-ended; no deadline set!
Commission Special on first-year premium only; paid up front

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Highly Competitive Rates:
2-Year Average Cap:
  No CapSee Historical Chart
1-Year Point-to-Point:  5.00%See Historical Chart
1-Year Average Cap:  6.00%See Historical Chart
1-Year Average Participation:  75.00%See Historical Chart
1-Year Monthly Cap:  2.10%See Historical Chart
1-Year Interest:  2.50%
Certainty Select Annuity – Multi-Year Guarantee Annuity
3 years:1.80%
5 years:2.60%
6 years:2.75%
ChoiceFour Annuity – Traditional Annual Reset
6 years:2.25%
9 years:2.75%
Confidence Income Annuity – SPIA
Monthly payment on $100,000 premium:
5 years:
7 years:$1,235.15
10 years:$916.13
15 years:$671.14
20 years:$551.20

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Rates as of June 22, 2015 and are subject to change. Product features may vary by state. Products issued on Contract Form Series ET-EIA-2000(02-05) or ICC12-ET-EIA-2000(01-12); ET-MYG-2000(06-09) or ICC13-ET-MYG-2000(07-13); ET-SPA-2000(11-04); and ET-SPIA(08-06). EquiTrust Life Insurance Company, West Des Moines, IA. For Producer Use Only. IC15-ECN-1064