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Registration is NOW Available for Tuesday and the Boston Yachtsman Race:
There are many changes in Anchor Bay racing this season.  This note will attempt to outline some of them below, BUT make sure you attend the Skippers' Meeting at NSSC on Friday, May 3, 2019 at 7pm.  The bar will open at 6:00 with meeting at 7p.  Even if you do not want to race, this a great chance to get together with other Anchor Bay sailors.

Tuesday and Friday Combine on Tuesday Night:  NSSC is combining it's Friday Top Gun Series with the AYC Tuesday Twilight Series.  SO, Tuesday will be run by AYC and NSSC.  One half of the season race management will be handled by AYC and the other half by NSSC.  There will be a dedicated JAM class and Spinnaker classes will be scored by multi-sail ratings.  All post race events will be at North Star.  There will continue to be the Flag/HotDog Night for each half of the season.  This change will provide better splits and hopefully about 30 boats on the race course.  The Spring Series will be managed by AYC and registration is NOW available on Yacht Scoring here.  Questions to AYC Race Chair Chris Delling or NSSC Chair James Baker.

Wednesday Fun Sail Moves to Friday Night:  the belief is that having the Fun Sail Series at the beginning of the weekend will encourage more participation and have more people stay afterwards at North Star.  Questions to Ian Pouliot.  This will also encourage people to spend the night on their boats because . . .

Sunday Invitational Races will now be on Saturdays:   owners were surveyed and this was done as it works well with Friday night and several boats would now be able to race because of church no longer competing for time on Sundays.  The first Invitational Race will be the Boston Yachtsman on Saturday June 8th.  Registration is NOW available on Yacht Scoring here.  The entire season's Invitational Race Schedule is here.  Questions to NSSC Chair James Baker.

More J35 Boats are Racing in Anchor Bay AND Race Seminar in April:  North Star member Dean Fitzpatrick is a huge promoter of the J35 Fleet which is approaching eight to ten boats for 2019.  

There will be in-class and on-the-water training sessions will be focused on the ins and outs of how to manage a 35 foot sailboat with a symmetrical spinnaker.  Some of you sailors who have been around the club for quite some time might even take advantage of our local expert coaching and learn a little something you didn't know before!  These classes are designed to teach new sailors as well as knocking the cob webs off those who have been away from it for awhile. 

These classes, above all else, are designed to be fun! 

Even if some of you "old salts" don't need the refresher, you all have nephews, grandchildren, friends, neighbors and nieces who would benefit from and enjoy this program.  They will not be there if they don't know about it; so spread the word and give Dean a call !

SAVE THE DATE: April 14th @ NSSC 1:00PM

 There will be  6 classes starting on     May 4th & 5th 10:00am

                                                             May 11th & 12th - 10:00am

                                                             May 18th - 10:00am

                                                             May 19th we will have a W/L race with other J35s

The cost is $750.00, but wait there is MORE, if you race on any J35 between June and October you will get your check back - not cashed.  In essence your schooling is free!  All you have to do is race just 5 times; you can't beat that folks! 

 If you have any questions or looking to register for the classes, please give Dean a call at (248)790-0666 or email at: dean_fitzpatrick@msn.com

See you at the Skippers' Meeting,