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June 2018

Celebrating 16 Years of Making Room for Horses in our Hearts!

1.  Horse Training Myths
2.  Horse Behavior Calibrations on the Map of Consciousness
3. Palatkwapi, Painting by Barbara Wright of  Cathedral Rock, Sedona AZ
4.  Inspiration for Palatkwapi Painting by Barbara Wright - The Remembered Earth by N. Scott Momaday
5.  Featured canvas print, equine art - Dreamer

We receive calls and emails weekly for horses that need homes. So, whenever we can, we try to help owners in need place their at-risk horses into new and loving homes or other rescues and sanctuaries.  We help support one remaining former Harmony HorseWorks rescue horse at Mountain Valley Horse Rescue in McCoy, CO and Victoor, our teaching horse, at Future Hope Equestrian in Clarkdale, AZ.  We offer free PEAT therapy to people who cannot afford to pay for emotional and spiritual counseling.  We teach owners how to despook their nervous horses with ESCT, our proprietary equine psychotherapy.  This good work is supported by donations from the caring public.  Thank you!

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Commission a Painting by Barbara Wright

Commission a painting by Barbara Wright and all of the earnings from the sale of her art supports the horses. ESCT and PEAT healing sessions, sales of ESCT products, and riding lesson revenues all also go to the care of the sanctuary horses. 

See all of Barbara's art at

Featured Art Print on Canvas of the Month - Dreamer - by Barbara Wright

This beautiful mare named Dreamer was one of our previous equine raffle paintings and won by an avid art fan in 2015.  Prints on canvas are available in in sizes smaller than the  24 x 36 in. original (which is sold).  Prints are true to the color of the original painting, are stretched on wrapped canvas so no framing is needed, and are coated with a UV varnish by the artist to protect against fading.  These can be special ordered and contact artist for pricing.  Tel. Barbara Wright at 928.649.0199 or email harmonyhorsewrks@aol.com
To see her entire body of work, visit www.barbarawrightart.com

A thought without belief has no power at all.
A thought with belief can start a war or heal an entire nation.
You must discover if you are a thought,
or if you are prior to thought.
Be sure of it.


(Using the Map of Consciousness invented by David Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D. of Sedona, AZ as a guide)

The map's scale is 0 to 1000, reflecting awareness of the non-linear and one's evolutionary place in it.  Below 200 is the animal kingdom for beings rooted in matter and form.  Above 200 represents growing awareness of origin and the Self and the influences of the Field.

Nickering - 503
Neighing - 480
Head bobbing in anticipation - 282
Head tossing in vexation - 192
Pawing in frustration - 192
Rolling in the dirt - 443
Rubbing itchy head against human - 480
Nuzzling human - 535
Grooming another horse - 443
Pinning ears in anger - 194
Playing gelding games with herdmates - 492
Playing the "stick game"  (can't have my stick) - 492
Kicking out at another horse or person - 192
Frolicking in the pasture with herdmates - 520
Sharing a hay pile with a herdmate - 480
Protecting a foal from danger  - 540
Whinnying for herdmates or human - 495
Bucking off a human rider - 134

The equine species overall calibrates at 240-245 with individual variations.  Thoroughbreds for some reason calibrate highest among horses. Secretariat calibrated at 323 during his lifetime.

ABOVE:  Palatkwapi, The Red Altar, depicting Cathedral Rock as seen from the vista on top of Scheurman Mountain in West Sedona, AZ, by Barbara Wright.  4 x 4 ft.  Acrylic on gallery wrap canvas, no framing needed.  $2,300 for the original.  Prints on canvas available, 12 x 12 in. for $150, 14 x 14 in. for $200, and 16 x 16 in. for $260.

The Remembered Earth by N. Scott Momaday

Once in our lives, we ought to concentrate our minds
upon the remembered Earth.
We ought to give ourselves up to a particular landscape
in our experience,
to look at it from as many angles as possible,
to wonder about it, to dwell upon it.
We ought to imagine touching it with our hands
at every season and listen to the sounds made upon it.
We ought to imagine the creatures there
and all the faintest motions of the wind.
We ought to recollect the glare of noon
and all the colors of the dawn and dusk.
For we are held to the Earth by more
than the force of gravity.
She is the entity from which we are sprung
and that into which we dissolve in time.
The blood of the entire human race is invested in her.
We are moored here, rooted as surely and as deeply
as the ancient redwoods and bristlecones.

DON'T FORGET ABOUT THE ESCT BOOK on CD and PowerPoint ESCT Presentation on CD, available for only $45, including shipping and handling.  This detailed CD book and computer slide presentation demonstrates the complete ESCT protocol.  You can also print it out and create a workbook.  You can order by going to www.harmonyhorseworks.com and use PayPal and your credit card.  We also accept checks made out to Harmony HorseWorks at the address in this newsletter's top left hand column.  Questions, call 928.649.0199.


ABOVE:  ESCT PULSER (book and PowerPoint on CD not shown)

ESCT Products for Sale

ESCT is our proprietary Equine Stress Control Therapy used to despook nervous, anxious and spooky horses of their fears and phobias.  It is also an excellent overall training tool.  ESCT uses bilateral brain integration techniques to interrupt the fear cycle and give the horse breathing space to calm, control and conquer its fears.  Proven over 90% effective over the past 9 years.


ESCT STANDARD PULSER PACKAGE   - $200 (includes standard pulser, book on CD-ROM, PowerPoint presentation on CD-ROM, and instructional DVD in pulser and hand method for administering ESCT)

PAYMENT by check or credit card via PayPal on our website accepted. For more product info, visit www.harmonyhorseworks.com and see our products page.

Horse Training Myths

1.  My horse just got back from 30 days with a trainer and is fully trained
.  Right.  Just like your kid knows everything after 30 days in school.  What your horse has learned is a series of routines worked through with a particular human for a short time.  Unless you were there for every lesson all the time, you were not trained in those methods and your horse wasn't doing them with you.  He may or may not do them with you when he comes back home.  You may or may not be able to do the things the trainer did.  Training is an ongoing, forever, never-ending commitment over the lifetime of your partnership.  Your horse is never "finished," but you will be if you think so.

2.  My horse knows how to take care of me.  "A horse will just as soon dump a prince as a pauper."  Famous saying by a smart dead Englishman who may have been dumped by his horse.  Horses take care of themselves first (flight animal) and you only incidentally if you happen to stay on board because you got lucky.

3.  You can't teach an old horse new tricks.
  The equine brain is just as "plastic" as the human brain and can set down new neural networks by breaking old connectors, growing new ones and reconnecting them in new neural pathways.  This is achieved with bilateral brain integration and ESCT, our proprietary psychotherapy for horses and it is successful because of this "brain plasticity."

4.  Horse trainers know what they are doing.  Yes.  They know what they are doing because they do it over and over again because it may have worked for them in the past.  But, are they doing the right thing for the horse?  Or for you as the client?  As with all important issues in life, it is best to remain humble around horses before they humiliate you.  Surrender to the fact that you will never know all there is to know around horses.  Remember that a humble person who has surrendered can never be humiliated or defeated.  Trainers teach what they know, not what is best for the horse or for you as the horse owner.  Many trainers have the attitude that "this horse will never get the best of me."  Most are well-intentioned and have experience and it is up to you to make the judgment call and not assume they know it all.

5. This horse is broke to ride.  I can put my grandkids on it.  We all know that grandkids are expendable commodities.  Enough said.

6.  All the good horse trainers are out there on the show circuit.  We will never hear about the really good ones but we will be ever so lucky if we find them.  They have no gimmick, nothing to sell except their talent, and are not in competition with each other for the spotlight.  They are not "natural" or "traditional" or "classical" trainers.  They cannot be labeled.  They do not catch your fancy but instead leave a lifetime impression on you (and your horse if he is so lucky).

7.  I've read all the books and watched all the videos so I know what I am doing.  Theoretical knowledge is a wonderful amusement and great ego booster.  However, horses do not know this.

8.  Most horse owners are well-intentioned people.  Yes, and we all know where that leads.  How many well-intentioned catastrophes on two legs have you met lately?  Would you let them handle your horse?  The AAEP figures only 25% of horse owners know how to care for their animals.

HORSE TRAINING FACT:  Humans need to be trained along with their horses in patience and persistence.  In my opinion, there is no such thing as a safe horse.  Some horses are safer than others with more malleable natures that are able to learn and adapt to life among humans who demand so much of them.  But any horse can rebel at any time even for reasons that will forever remain unknown to us.  May you always ride a horse responsive to your cues.


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