Initial Interview


Here's What We Ask of You:

We are interested in partnering with professionals and organizations who are serious about their success.

Having worked with hundreds of such folks and dozens of such organizations, we know the path to the best results.

This online interview is your first step on that path.

While we could have asked you these questions over the phone, we have found that by allowing you as much time as you need, you will be able to answer candidly and thoughtfully.

So, congratulations! You are about to take your first step toward removing the obstacles between you and greater success.

Allow yourself about 15-25 minutes to complete this interview (yes - most of the questions are required)- and... enjoy - you are beginning to envision what your success will look like!

PS - Your answers are kept completely confidential.

Tip: The boxes for the questions with longer answers have a little "handle" in the lower right corner that you can drag down and to the right to give yourself more room to write and see your answer.

Tell us a little about you and your company...

Your name*
Company Name*
Your direct line*
Your email*
Company website address*
Please tell us your 30 second elevator speech about what your company does*
Tell us about what a typical day is like for you - what role do you play at the firm?*
When was your firm established?*
Number of employees*

Tell us what you currently are doing for contact management/CRM/sales automation...

Are you currently using ACT!?
If so, what version?
If using something else, tell us about that... Don't worry, if you are using Excel or Outlook - we won't tell!*
How many people currently are using ACT!/your current system?
(If no one, just enter 0...)*
If you could see the future, how many people do you see using ACT!/your chosen solution in 12 months? In 24? And in 36?*
Rate your organization's current proficiency in using and effectively implementing CRM/ACT!
1=Absolute Beginners // 3=Halfway There //
5=I would say we're pretty happening*
1 2 3 4 5
What portions of your system are your organization actively using? Select all that count.*
Leads/contacts/customer database
Company/account database
Scheduling meetings, calls and sales actions
Email integration with Outlook
Email marketing campaign creation and management
Social media
Generating letters/documents with Microsoft Word merge
Sales process and opportunity tracking
Sales and employees activity reporting
Web lead capture and assignment to sales team members
System functions we use, continued
Record and/or field access based on job
Tracking custom data fields
Inbound customer service
Sales document management
Key Performance Indicators (KPI) via dashboards
Integration with accounting
Prospect and customer segmentation
Prospect research
Tracking rep performance and/commissionable sales
Smartphone/tablet/iPad access
Provide us with any other relevant system functions you perform regularly that were not included in the list above.
If you had to guess, what percentage of your firm's revenue result from activities that are (or will be) managed in your CRM / ACT!?*
What is your desired time frame to see at least the initial phase of your project completed?*
Within 30 days
30 - 90 days
3 - 5 months
We're 6 months or more away...
What other systems will you/have you been evaluating aside from ACT!?*
Are you looking to establish an ongoing relationship with whichever service provider you select project?*
Yes No Possibly
How did you learn about Winnovative's work?*

Tell us about how this project will be handled internally...

Who has final sign off to greenlight spending related to this project?
(Please provide name(s) and title(s). Also, if you are not this person, have you been given authorization to pursue this initiative by him/her/them?)*
Does your firm have experience working with consultants or outsourced service providers? If so, please tell us about the type(s) of service(s) your firm is using or has used in the past.*
What is your preference for receiving the service and support that is required to achieve your goals as stated? Check all that apply.*
Online webinar with phone interaction with a group of peers
Online, self-paced documentation and videos
Online, one-on-one strategy sessions with a coach
Onsite, in person training in a group setting
Onsite one-on-one training
Laser coaching sessions, one-on-one via phone
Group forum access and discussion

Ok, so what is it you want to achieve? Why are you looking to enact change?

Tell us about the problems that are keeping you up at night...
In other words, why is now the time for your firm to take action...?
Are you:
Are you losing sales because your reps aren't following up?
Are you wasting leads?
Is the office in utter chaos?
Are you stressed out trying to keep up?*
Please tell us about how ACT! came to be on your "RADAR" as a potential solution for your stated problems?*
With our guidance, when you have successfully completed your project, what will it look like?
What benefits are you and your firm realizing?
Also important: Understanding that this is a best guess, what do you think the financial impact of your successful project might be?*
If it were to turn out that we were to advise that a solution other than ACT! were a better fit for you, would you willing explore that option with us further?

Wrap Up...

Please provide any additional information you feel is relevant regarding your project blueprint.
Please provide a couple of times in the next 24-36 hours that one of our mentors can call you to review your responses.*

In the event that our firms opt not to work together, would you like to receive CRM Success Plans updates from time to time?*
Yes No

Thank you for taking the time to answer these important question about your needs in a clear, candid manner.
Your effort in answering this interview will help us in formulating a service offering that fits your needs and unique culture.
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